Gravicode is formed by the two words: Graphics which represents the artistic value and Code which is the best technology behind the solution that we offer


  • A multinational company leading in creative, dynamic, compact and interconnected IT solution products and services with a professional workforce utilizing telecommuting and virtual team work.
  • Be a multinational company with professional workforce
  • Be an Industry leader in creative, dynamic, compact and interconnected IT Solution (product and services)
  • Be the one of the world’s best workplace, providing telecommuting and virtual team work


  • To be a catalyst in the process of re-engineering business developments and establish a bridge between academic and business Institutions.
  • Be a catalyst in re-engineering business development
  • To provide a link between academic and business Institutions

Our Story

The journey begins when we were young and having the dream to build a successful technology company. We started it all in a small space behind a phone rental as a computer store named Xtreme Computer Club (XCC), located in Bogor, Indonesia. At that time, the focus of XCC is to provide computer repair services, overclocking, and publishing XCC CD edition featuring a varieties of free and trial softwares while also promoting local-made softwares. The XCC Team has a special affection for technology, having each team member to explore specific areas ranging from development, graphics design, networking, and hardware. Finally in late 2011, PT Gravicode Multinovative Plexindo was established to legalize our business activities.
Business Focus

3 main pillars that form Gravicode business focus

  1. Products: We provide the best off-the-shelf business applications ready to be implemented at your company including Nintex Forms, Nintex Workflow, Nintex Reporting and Tableau.
  2. Services: We provide the development services of custom applications for web, desktop, windows apps, mobile apps (android, ios, and windows phone) and Sharepoint.
  3. Consultation: We provide IT consulting services for your business

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