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Al Quran for Elderly

Al-Quran for the Elder

Assalamualaikum, checkout our app originally designed for Elders to help them read, learn and listen to the Quran easily. Quran for The Elderly is a digital qur'an


Awesome Features

  • Support translation in 43 languages
  • A lot of reciters (56)
  • Can be used online or offline
  • Saved last opened verse, configuration
  • One page app (everything that u need available in one page)
  • Play mode : Repeat Ayah, Repeat Surah, Continuous
  • Speak its translation (only in english)

Gesture Support

  • Support gesture navigation using Intel Real Sense technology (for gesture version)
  • Support gesture navigation using Microsoft Kinect (in-progress)

Minimum Specification

  • Processor : x86/x64 Intel/Amd Processor"
  • Ram : 4 Gb
  • HDD Space : 2 Gb
  • Operating System : Win 7 - Win 10

Voice Command

  • Please turn off : "Pease turn off."
  • Read please : "Recite Now."
  • Stop recite : "Stop Recite."
  • Next chapter : "Next Chapter.
  • Previous chapter : "Previous Chapter."
  • Next verse : "Next Verse."
  • Previous verse : "Previous Verse."
  • Go to Chapter: "Chapter (1-114) Go."
  • Go to Verse: "Verse (1-286 depends on how much each chapter has) Go."
  • Increase Verse Size: "Zoom In."
  • Decrease Verse Size: "Zoom Out."
  • Increase Volume: "Volume Up."
  • Decrease Volume: "Volume Down."
  • Add Current Verse to Bookmark List: "Add Bookmark."
  • Expand Bookmark Menu: "Open Bookmark."
  • Open Bookmark and Recite: "Bookmark [number] Go."

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